Fees Update

The Taber Shooting Foundation would like to announce that we will be raising our yearly membership fee from $100 to $150 for 2022 memberships. We are also offering our Cornfest Special again which runs from tomorrow, Aug. 16/2021 until the end of Dec. 2021. What this means is that NEW members taking advantage of the Special are actually purchasing 2022 memberships. Your NEW membership fee will cost $150 but will be good for all of 2022 and also good for the rest of 2021. As always you will also need to pay a one time refundable cost of $25 for your gate key fob. We have also lowered our Jr. Memberships from $50 per year to $30 per year. This covers members from ages 12 to 17. Current paid members may also extend their membership by up to five years at the 2021 rate of $100 per year if done before Dec. 31/2021. Safe shooting to all and have a Happy Cornfest!