Important Notice To All TSF Members

As you are already aware, the Taber Sport Shooting Complex is BOOMING with activity.  With the incredible amount of growth to date, as well as plans for the 2018 season, we find ourselves needing to appeal to the TSF membership to take on a more ACTIVE ROLE in the operation of our Range.  We, the TSF Executive, have identified a couple of areas where we need to establish a committee to provide the following services:
Currently, we are struggling with the task of acquiring Funds from sources outside the regular membership fees.  In order to move ahead with major projects, such as the completion of the Skeet/Trap Range, or the Training and Resource Center, this Committee, (hopefully composed of at least 3 TSF members), would coordinate any Raffles as well as research and apply for any Community Grant programs.  There is also a market for Corporate Sponsorship from various business enterprises that are involved with Shooting Sports and would pay to post their advertising on our Range and Website.  Initially, there would be a fair amount of effort required to get organized, but afterwards it would be very routine.  We already have a Template for many Grant Programs to assist this committee.
With the increased development and activity on the Range, there is a greater need for regular maintenance and minor construction to be done.  Simple things,like emptying garbage bins, replacing shot out target boards, etc. need to be done to keep our Range in prime operational condition.  MAJOR CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS would be contracted out, such as the shelters on the 600m and 200m ranges.  What we need is a small committee of 2 or 3 members who would periodically check out the Range and arrange any MINOR repairs/maintenance that need to be done.  We would expect each of the Shooting Sports (such as Cowboy Action, IPSC, etc) to take a turn on a monthly schedule to complete their assigned tasks.
The future of all our shooting sports is dependent upon us to bring the Youth of our community into the safe and ethical participation of the various shooting sports out there.  The TSF very much wants to see this happen.  Once again, we need adult leaders to undertake this activity.  We have many resources available to assist and promote this venture.  It only takes the parents of these youngsters to make this happen.
No Doubt you could identify other areas where the TSF Sport Shooting Complex could grow.  All this will happen in the future, if the membership is PROACTIVE and uses their time and talent to provide the necessary initiative to carry forward.  Your Executive cannot do this alone.  We (the Executive) will do anything in our power to provide interested parties with the Ways and Means to achieve their goals.
You may contact either Morgan Rockenbach (403 222 2409) or Allen Herbst (403 223 3459) to express you willingness to be part of these essential committees.  An organizational meeting will be planned for sometime in the Spring, if sufficient response is received.