Safety Area Template Management Plan – January 2016 – Version 1.0

Notice to all holders of a Restricted Possession and Acquisition Licence  “R-PAL”.   

When renewing your R-PAL be sure to attach a copy of your current TSF Membership Card to your renewal application.  Unfortunately, the application does not advise you to do this; however, it is a strict requirement.  Failure to attach a copy of your current membership card to your R-PAL renewal application can delay the issuing of a renewed R-PAL card for several months.  Please be sure to keep your TSF membership up to date.  TSF memberships expire annually on Dec 31st.

Canadian Firearms Safety Courses: Contact Allen Herbst at 403-223-3459                                                                                                                                         Walter Hornby at 403-654-7122

First Time Hunter Education Courses: Contact Patrick Horvath at 403-331-7706
NRA Handgun Courses: Contact Morgan Rockenbach at 403-222-2409

Here are some websites for other Societies and Associations:
Alberta Federation of Shooting Sports
Alberta Frontier Shootists Society
Alberta Metallic Silhouette Association
Alberta Smallbore Rifle Association
Canadian Shooting Sports Association
CAS City
Cowboy Action Shooting
Front Sight
Gunsite Academy
International Defensive Pistol Association
International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association
International Practical Shooting Confederation
National Firearms Association
National Rifle Association
National Skeet Shooting Association
Single Action Shooting Society
Thunder Ranch
U.S. Fire Arms

CCFR Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights

Project Mapleseed

Veritac Training Info Veritac Global – Veritac Global (

Service Rifle Info