Introduction to Action Shooting Sports

5 Week Introduction to Action Shooting Sports. Taber Shooting Foundation, Action Range 4. 5:30pm Thursdays May 23 – June 20, 2019 $50 This is a relaxed and friendly general introduction to the Action Shooting Sports.  It has a focus on safe gun handling and improving the skills of the novice and intermediate shooter.  This program will present sport specific training and practice with a little bit of competition thrown in to measure improvement and reward effort.  The 6 week introduction is not a recognized safety course or an IPSC Black Badge. It is an introduction to the rules, activities and expectations of a competitor and the TSF Action League.The Action League night starts immediately following these short sessions.  Intro to Action 5:30pm, League Night 6:30pm. If you are a new shooter and interested in participating in the TSF Action League nights, it is recommended that you participate in this introduction first.  If you are familiar with action and sport shooting, this is a good way to get more range time, further develop fundamentals and to help others with the same interest. The goals of the program are to introduce dynamic movement and begin the competitive environment for fun and skill development.  The Introduction to Action program is open to any interested person with the time and basic equipment. To participate you must: -Show up and pay the one time $50 fee.  This covers targets, tape, paint and props. Be a member of the TSF or pay the appropriate drop in fee of $75 ($15/day x 5 days) No fees for youth participants. Have a safe and functional semi-automatic handgun chambered in 9mm Luger or larger with a  belt secured holster and 4 or more magazine pouches.  SERPA holsters are prohibited. A basic comfort and familiarity with the firearm. Minors are very welcome, but require the accompanying supervision to be met as outlined in the Firearms Act. Have appropriate eye and ear protection. Wear clothing and footwear appropriate for the weather, range and activity. Round count may vary; minimum 75.