New Firearms Regulation Notice

Last week the Federal Government forced through changes to our firearm laws through an Order In Council (OIC).  The TSF executive suggest you review which firearms were affected by reading the published Gazette that the government has released.  The firearms listed are now immediately classified as prohibited firearms which cannot be transported or used at the range.  Included firearms include both those that were restricted and non-restricted.   It should be noted that many 12 gauge shotguns have a bore diameter greater than 20mm, so this ban also affects bird hunters.

As the executive for the TSF, we cannot answer any questions you have as the only information we have at this time is what is published in the the gazette and press releases.  There is a 2 year amnesty period where possession is allowed until a “buyback” program is to be put in place.  This “buyback” has not yet passed parliament.  The firearm advocacy groups, CCFR, NFA, CSSA are releasing further details continually.  Please visit their websites and social media for further information.

To review the Gazette visit:

If you have any questions specifically regarding your specific firearms, please contact the Canadian Firearms Centre:

If you wish to express your displeasure with the governments actions contact:
Bow River MP – Martin Shields
Email: martin.shields.c1@parl.gc.caToll Free: 1-844-241-0020
Prime Minister – Justin Trudeau 

Email: justin.trudeau@parl.gc.caPhone 1 613 995-0253
Public Safety Minister – Bill Blair
Email :Bill.Blair@parl.gc.caPhone  1 613 995-0284
Letters to elected officials above can be sent to: (no postage required either)
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6  

Links to Advocacy Groups
CCFR – ccfr.caCSSA – cssa-cila.orgNFA –