New Firearms Regulation Petitions

More information has come to light with the recent OIC gun ban implemented by the government.  The legal team for the CSAAA (The Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association) has released a Statement that many 10 gauge and 12 gauge shotguns will fall under the ban as their barrel diameter may exceed the 20 mm requirement under section 95 of the OIC.  You can read more details at the CSAAA website here:
if the CSSA site is overwhelmed also here:
Also please note a government petition has again started to request the OIC be reversed.  As this ban seems to affect more than just sport shooters but also bird hunters may be affected it is in all of our best interests to do what we can.  Anyone can sign this petition as there is no age limit.  The only restriction is each person must have their own email address.  Share the link with everyone you know.

Please ensure you read the published gazette as well as the CSAAA release above to ensure you are in compliance with the law.