Notice to all TSF Members


No doubt, most of you are aware that 2018 has brought about many developments on the TSF Shooting Range. If you’ve been out there lately, you will see that the 600 m Range has a shelter over the benches. It was just initiated recently by the SAPRL competition June 16. The 200 m Range shelter is currently under construction, with completion expected in the next couple of weeks. In the parking lot, you can’t miss seeing the new maintenance shed that our industrious Maintenance Committee Volunteers are presently building. This will eventually house the golf carts and the Bobcat as well as other maintenance paraphernalia. The RCMP have installed a Windscreen on the 50 m Range to protect their classroom tent. The Training and Resource Center building has been completely tinned, from roof to ground. Pouring the concrete basement floor, and placing floor beams will be completed this summer as well. Unfortunately, the Skeet/Trap area is still undeveloped, but we are ready to install the houses and equipment as soon as the MD of Taber can direct their equipment resources in that direction. A number of factors, of which we have no control, have necessitated this project delay. Numerous groups have been patronizing our Range, and as such, have generated much needed funds that has allowed us to make the improvements you can see on your next visit.

As you know, many members and businesses and supportive individuals donated $250/Shooting bench when we first started developing the Range. Initially we received funding for 57 benches. To date 42 have been installed. We have 4 on hand, ready to be put in place. We will be ordering 23 more benches, from our very generous business, RUGGED TANKS, that we hope to have built this summer yet. Thanks also to A1FABRICATION for installing the metal legs and seats, as well as    placing them onto the firing lines. This provides us with 69 Shooting benches, once it is all done. As I said earlier, 57 have already been sponsored. This leaves 12 more opportunities for a member to sponsor a Shooting bench. The signage, recognizing the sponsor will be placed above a bench on the Ranges that spots are still available. There is 1 more sponsor needed for the 600 m Range and 11 more needed for the 200 m Range. The signage can accommodate up to 25 letters or numbers  to recognize the sponsor.

Many of you have inquired in the past about sponsoring a Shooting     Bench. If you are interested, please contact ALLEN HERBST TSF VICEPRESIDENT at 403-223-3459. The sponsorship will be done            on a first come/first serve basis. There are numerous other ways that      you, as a member, can contribute to the development of our Range. So,       if it’s not a bench, then volunteer for some of the other numerous tasks    that need your time and talents to complete.