Urgent Reminders for Members

First of all Thank You to all members that have already renewed their memberships. A reminder that the last day to renew memberships without a penalty is Feb.29/2020. Promptly on March 1st/2020 all memberships that have not been renewed will have their fob deactivated and the renewal will cost $125 at that point. Also, at our AGM the members in attendance had a discussion on whether the TSF should continue to use Paypal as a payment choice. The TSF looses $3.50 in fees to Paypal with every $100 payment made by members. The membership voted to drop the use of Paypal. Starting March 1st/2020 the TSF will no longer be using Paypal as a payment method. Please be advised that we will still accept cheque, cash, or Etransfer. We are finding that Etransfer is the most convenient and secure way to receive payments both for the TSF and it’s members.