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2017 memberships are available for $100 CAD (+ $25 key fob deposit), with all memberships being valid from the date of purchase until December 31 2017. For renewals go to

To obtain your membership, please pay for the membership and gate fob deposit below, then accurately complete and submit the membership form at the bottom of this page, and email us a clear photo or copy of the front and back of your valid PAL.

All members will be required to take a free Range Safety Officer (RSO) course, offered by Taber Shooting Foundation, in order to obtain a gate key fob. RSO courses are offered regularly and members are advised by the site calendar and through email when upcoming courses are available. The locked gate requires an electronic key fob to swipe for entry into the range. The fob deposit is $25 per fob, which is fully refundable upon return.

Our meetings are held every third Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm at the MD of Taber board room, north entrance of Administration Building. Membership allows you to attend regularly scheduled meetings. Taber Shooting Foundation gladly accepts any donations in the form of cash, materials and in-kind donations of man hours or equipment. Tax receipts can be available for larger donations but please contact us in advance of your donation for details on how to receive a receipt as there are specific government rules to that.

PAL# and Expiry YYYY-MM-DD

2017 membership application form: please fill in all fields accurately. Your answers are secure (they are not stored on the server). You will need to email us a clear picture or scan of both the front and back of your valid PAL in order to be approved.

2017 Membership Application
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