NEW: We are no longer using Paypal.  We only accept E-transfers. Late renewal is in effect as of March 1st 2020 and is $125. Please email the appropriate $ amount to  AND submit the form below. Please include the name and membership number and PAL expiry date of the person to whom the payment applies.

Please consider donating as well! Note: For new memberships go to

Notice: Late renewal price begins March 1st 2020 and is $125 (instead of the usual $100 before the end of February).  The reason it costs more for a late renewal is because we have to deactivate fobs on March 1st for people who haven’t renewed, and then we have to reactivate them individually upon renewal.  Deactivation/reactivation of the fobs is not a simple process as it requires our admin people to make a physical trip to the range gate shed.

You may also renew multiple years (up to 5). Example: Late renewal plus 2 additional years (2020, 2021 and 2022) would total $325 ($125 + $100 + $100).

Please fill in all fields, and also e-transfer the funds to We will match your renewal form with your payment, and notify you when your membership has been renewed.

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