Rifle Silhouette Shoots Start April 16/2020

First off, this shooting sport is shot Standing Unsupported
Any .22 Rimfire Rifle, bring what you have (gopher gun)
.22 Standard Rifle 10.2 lbs max, any safe trigger
.22 Hunter Rifle 8.5 lbs max, with a 2 lb trigger
Any .22 ammo, short, long, or long rifle (No Stingers) A Hunter rifle can be used in Std. Match 
So we have two matches, back to back, one Std. and one Hunter. Scopes/iron sights, up to you.
Time limit 2 1/2 minutes for 5 shots Coaching and spotting is permitted and encouraged.
A match is 40 rounds, 10 each at Chickens, Pigs, Turkeys, and Rams.
Shoot the bottom rail first, one shot at each animal Left to Right.
After cease-fire and a restart, shoot the top rail left to right.
Chickens @ 40 Meters   Pigs @ 60 Meters Turkeys @ 77 Meters and Rams @ 100 Meters. We follow NRA Rules
You will shoot with people of your capabilities 
B 0-14  A 15-19
AA 20-25  AAA 26-31  Master 32-40
We will start Thurs April 16 @ 7:00 PM and every other week after that On the Silhouette/600 yard. Range.
For more info call  AL 403-553-3249 or Terry 403-894-4822